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  • Having a loving and nurturing father is just as important for a child’s happiness, well-being, social and academic success as having a loving and nurturing mother.It’s about a frame of mind and embracing your role. The actions you take today, and goals you create, will develop the relationship you have with your child 20 years from now.
    • Use the tools and resources available to help you be the best dad you can be
    • Choose not to discipline through fear, but through nurturing. Know that you do have influence over your child, but not control. The only person you have control over is yourself!
    • Partner with other supportive males (friends/family, groups like Boot Camp for Dads)
    • Own your critical role as a Dad. Enjoy it!


    Boot Camp For Dad: Train For Your Role

    A guys-only-setting, Boot Camp for Dads is offered through McLaren Bay Region. Taught by dads, it’s a place where soon-to-be and new dads can learn baby care tips, and gain firsthand knowledge about diapering, swaddling and bottle-feeding. It’s an outlet for dads to express their fears and frustrations, and meet other involved dads, too!

    Click here to visit the National Boot Camp Headquarters and website for more information. Locally, call 989-894-9517 or visit www.mclaren.org/bayregion and click on “Classes & Events.”

    All Pro Dad: Receive a Daily Email Combining Sports and Fatherhood

    Are sports a passion of yours? All Pro Dad is Family First’s innovative program helping men to become better fathers. All Pro Dad has 54 NFL spokesmen, multiple events with NFL teams, 1,000 All Pro Dad’s Day chapters, and Play of the Day daily emails that reach 40,000 fathers each day.

    Click here to visit All Pro Dad.

    Dads Adventure: Become the Best Dad You can Imagine

    Dads Adventure, Inc. is dedicated to fostering the development of role models for new fathers in their communities, neighborhoods, and families by working to share positive, constructive information and messages, as well as tools and resources that help them do the job.

    Click here to visit Dads Adventure.

    National Fatherhood Initiative: Ensure Your Child Gets The Best YOU

    The National Fatherhood Initiative was created to ensure that every child has what they need to succeed: the love and support of an involved, responsible and committed father.

    Click here to visits the National Fatherhood Initiative.