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  • Choosing a child care provider is one of the most important decisions a parent faces. Take the time to check out your options, and find a place where you and your child feel comfortable.Child care comes in many forms. It may be:
    • A family member or friend
    • Someone who comes into your home to care for your children
    • In a Registered Day Care Home (limited to 6 children/1 adult)
    • In a Licensed Group Home (limited to 12 children/2 adults)
    • In a Licensed Child Care Center (more than 12 children/appropriate number of adults)


    Each type of child care setting will differ, but there are ways to recognize high quality, no matter what the setting.

    High quality child care will offer:

    •  A low child to adult ratio (At least 1 adult for every 3 or 4 infants/toddlers; 1 adult for every 8 to 10 preschoolers in a Center). Teachers with fewer children have more time to get to know and interact with each child
    • Teachers who are certified in CPR, First Aid, understand child development, and continue yearly training
    • Engaging toys/games for all the children
    • A clean and safe environment, with enough room for children to play indoors and outdoors without being crowded


    It is important to ask questions, and to feel comfortable asking. These questions regard your child. Many providers will share their program information and rules with you when you first call.

    Here are some questions you may want to ask:

    What is a typical day in your (home/center) like for the children?
    What age groups do you service?
    Do you provide meals and snacks?
    How many adults work with the children? What is your adult/child ratio?
    What is your policy on illness and absences?
    What discipline techniques do you use?
    Do you ever transport children? Under what circumstances?
    Can my child get to and from school if they are here? (If applicable) How?
    How long have you been providing child care?
    What are your fees? Do parents pay in advance, or after care is given?
    Do you accept DHS child care subsidy payments? (If applicable)


    Great Start CONNECT

    Great Start CONNECT is an on-line system of early learning resources, including a new, easy-to-use database of licensed/registered child care and early education programs in Michigan. Simply complete your profile, including ages of children, type of setting preferred, days and hours childcare is needed and the location. Once submitted, sites that match your needs are right at your fingertips.

    Michigan Child Care Referral Database

    Use this resource to look for licensed child care in your community.